Jul 30, 2007

July ends

As two-thirds of summer comes to a close, here's updates:

-I'm staying in the U.S. with Microsoft, going to South Korea as a vacation in June
-Doing more frequent cardio to get the abs to show
-My 23rd birthday is August 9th
-Researching cars, going to buy my first in a few months!

Jul 2, 2007

Countdown begins...

"On 7/2/07, 조아 wrote:

Hello Shannon!

I'm Jerry, a manager of Global English School, in Gumi Korea.
I reported your resume to my boss this afternoon.
He agrees to invite(hire) you. Please find attatched contract form,
and if you have any clauses or phrases to negotiate about the term of contract, don't hesitate to tell me. Everything is negotiable."