Sep 8, 2008

Hanging with the Schupps

Scoop & Karen and were kind enough to visit our little Hermosa abode over Labor Day weekend. Indeed, their visit is the motivation to check out the many interesting/yummy restaurants listed in the posting below. Scoop is a part-time photographer extraordinaire and snapped quite a nice "couple" picture of Jeremy and I.

No In-n-Out Burger restaurants in Corvallis, OR so a visit there was a must!

Checking the surf & sand at Hermosa Beach

Sep 2, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Eats

Bistro du Soleil in Playa Del Rey - Egg white scramble w/ ground turkey, cilantro and tomatoes. Whole wheat toast and strawberry jam. Potatoes and ketchup. Coffee.

In n Out in Manhattan Beach- Cheeseburger minus onions and diet coke.

STK in W.Hollywood - Strawberry shortcake cocktail. Organic romaine, goat cheese, heirloom tomato salad. Grey Goose & tonic w/extra lime. Petite filetmignon cooked medium-rare. Corn pudding. Broccolini. Banana bread pudding w/ caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Ocean Diner in Hermosa Beach - Egg whites. Bacon. Diced red potatoes. Homemade pineapple mini muffins. Coffee.

Mediterraneo in Hermosa Beach- Tapas to share: hummus, chorizo bilbao, bruschetta napoletana, roasted dates, chicken brochettes, caprese, chicken caesar salad, "Big Wednesday" martini. Infused vodka cocktail.

The Counter in Santa Monica - 1/3lb medium-well hamburger w/ horseradish cheddar, grilled pineapple, grilled onions, dried cranberries and carmelized onion marmalade. Sweet potato fries and onion rings. Chocolate chip cookie.