Aug 25, 2007


Pace at work has increased somewhat. I really, really enjoy what I do. There is a certain amount of security provided too, having a supervisor who is supportive, provides mentoring and has my figurative "back" when inner-org issues arise. I feel semi-grownup when I realize this might be the makings of an identified career path. My sister has known since elementary school "what she wanted to be when she grew up," and she is a damn good stylist. Keeping a p.m.a. (positive mental attitude) on finding my interest eventually, and continuing to strive to be the best at whatever I was doing in the meantime, has been an influence in all of this.

Right now I am in a "show me" stage; meaning that I am placing a lot of effort, time and priority to my career. Establishing my ability and credibility is paramount to me. I learned growing up that working hard, being honest and doing what your instincts tell you is right (regardless of what others might expect from you,) is what ultimately means the most. I'm blessed to be where I am, and I commit to safeguard against doing anything that might mess up where I've worked towards thus far.

Aug 17, 2007

Birthday Cake

My Summer Vacation was Thursday August 9th -- Wednesday August 15th. Which means I had a two-day work week. I stayed home and made community web site edits for the work day since there was I-5 construction and was more convenient. During vacation I turned 23, and threw myself three parties to celebrate. Really. The weeks was a whirlwind of events, trips, meals and friends that I spent time with rather than pay attention to this blog....
Now it's the end of the day on Friday, and I have some time to kick back and share pics with you. Going all the way back to the start, Sunday the 12th was my family birthday. My mom made me pineapple upside down cake. Tiffany and Ron also came over. We had a lot of fun and they all showered me with awesome presents!
Next up was a Late Night Happy Hour in Northgate at Stanfords. Friends from C+F, Microsoft, my BFF, roommate, and seattle friends were all there. It was really fun to get people from so many parts of my life all together! Not to mention the really tasty yet only $2-5 appetizers. They were the size of a normal meals.

Saturday we went to Golden Gardens and had a picnic. That night I went to War Room. Sarah, andrew, tiffany, jesse, rachae, and sarah i. were there. Drinks consumed included: Blueberry Stoli, a 252 shot, AMF, Corona, Vodka....

After that Pearl came out and Shannon went away for a bit... the bojangles came on and lots of dancing ensued. The night concluded with me (sadly) falling asleep while everyone got Pizza Rigazzi. They ate my slices :(. Oh well. Got carried in the house and went to bed and passed the next number of hours slumbering peacefully.
The next few days were a visit by my m.i.a. BFF Jeff. He spent the summer playing ball in Hawaii and Japan so half of the summer I couldnt even call his cell. That was a real bummer. But after six months we finally hung out for a few days. Man they went too fast!! Feeding the duckies at Greenlake, cooking meals, watching some movies, hitting Gold's, trying to super-speedily catch up on life via convos. When I went to take him to the airport it ended up a tire on my car was flat. Jeff had to take a cab. SAAAAAAAAAAAD is how I felt when he pulled away. Major dose of the blues. Once I know what his plans are for next year, we can plan our next trip.

Overall, it was very good to take time off and be with lots of people. Today though, I am feeling super duper chill and will be hanging out solo. Every couple of weeks I get the isolation-bug and need a full day of quiet.

Aug 7, 2007

Two Days to Twenty-Three

Crazy to think Thursday is 2-3 for me. Work and trying to do lots of fun things after work has made time speed by at lightning speed. I was just able to send out details for my birthday parties (3 of them) last night. I celebrated my birthday with my family on Sunday down in Kent. We ordered Chinese takout from Golden Phoenix, and Tiffany has gotten me hooked on their veggie fried rice. Their S&S chicken was suprisingly tasty, with breading that wasnt the least bit soggy or oil-ladden. My parents got me a Bluetooth headset, so now I have both hands to 'focus on the freeway.' I guess eating, talking on the phone and messing with an iPod wasnt the safest equation for I-90 commuting. Lots of other fun gifts too....

Jeff is in town starting today, havent seen him in literally half a year. I am super excited to catch up and spend time together in Seattle. I've discovered so many fun restaurants and places since moving closer to Greenlake, cant wait to take him there!

Overall, I think I've changed for the better since my last birthday. 23 is going to be a fantastica year, I can already feel it.

Changes since last year:
..No longer at C+F
..Living in new house
..The Buick is even shabbier than last year
..Single status
..Better fitness knowledge/better workouts
..Not partying as much
..Trimmed down shopping excurrsions from weekly to bi-monthly
..Lighter hair
..Can get ready for work in 40 vs 65 mins.

Aug 3, 2007

Food for Thought

I'm working from home today to save gas... and its Friday :). Watching TV on my lunch break a montage of a happy-family-in-the-kitchen scenes sashays across the screen. Ending tagline was:

"One pound, one pan, happy family. Hamburger Helper."

Gross for many reasons. First, from the pic below, I'm pretty sure people dont eat 1/5 of one box of "Helper" for din-din, as is listed as the serving size. Unhealthy at 400 kcals a 'serving.' Second... a pound of beef and a skillet equates to fun family times at dinner? Sucka, you better pull some organic Whole Foods or PCC eats out of any kind of pre-prepared package you serve me. *Ack*

*Disclaimer: I did work in the advertising field so I pay particular attention to persuasive logic equations relating product purchase to a specific positive emotion.

"Baby Where'd You'd Get Your Body From?"

"I got it from my mama...." (and Gold's Gym.)
New music for you to enjoy:
I Got It From My Mama Lyrics

Top 6 songs for the week:
1. I got it from my mama -
2. She Got It - Get Cool
3. Baby Dont - Fabolous f/ T-Pain
4. Technology - 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, Timbo
5 . No Definition - Mario
6. Time Machine - T-Pain

Aug 1, 2007

Can I just say...

I'm happy to have found these awesome girls to hang out with at work!
Working from home (poolside), celebrating Lauren's birthday at Matador, going to the Emigrant for $5 mug night on a random Tuesday... these are all reasons switching Microsoft is fun! Heidi was missing from these events :( but we'll drag her out yet!
My birthday is August 9th. I will be 23! I'm going out to a Seattle club, msg me to be added to 'the VIP list.'
Tomorrow I'm getting my hair 'did', more lighter highlights AND meeting up with Tiffa for dinner and finally seeing each other again! Then I have a movie night, bbq, Sunday brunch, Greenlake workout.... the list goes on, until August 16th! Every day. After work. Weekends too. Lol cant wait!!!