Aug 17, 2007

Birthday Cake

My Summer Vacation was Thursday August 9th -- Wednesday August 15th. Which means I had a two-day work week. I stayed home and made community web site edits for the work day since there was I-5 construction and was more convenient. During vacation I turned 23, and threw myself three parties to celebrate. Really. The weeks was a whirlwind of events, trips, meals and friends that I spent time with rather than pay attention to this blog....
Now it's the end of the day on Friday, and I have some time to kick back and share pics with you. Going all the way back to the start, Sunday the 12th was my family birthday. My mom made me pineapple upside down cake. Tiffany and Ron also came over. We had a lot of fun and they all showered me with awesome presents!
Next up was a Late Night Happy Hour in Northgate at Stanfords. Friends from C+F, Microsoft, my BFF, roommate, and seattle friends were all there. It was really fun to get people from so many parts of my life all together! Not to mention the really tasty yet only $2-5 appetizers. They were the size of a normal meals.

Saturday we went to Golden Gardens and had a picnic. That night I went to War Room. Sarah, andrew, tiffany, jesse, rachae, and sarah i. were there. Drinks consumed included: Blueberry Stoli, a 252 shot, AMF, Corona, Vodka....

After that Pearl came out and Shannon went away for a bit... the bojangles came on and lots of dancing ensued. The night concluded with me (sadly) falling asleep while everyone got Pizza Rigazzi. They ate my slices :(. Oh well. Got carried in the house and went to bed and passed the next number of hours slumbering peacefully.
The next few days were a visit by my m.i.a. BFF Jeff. He spent the summer playing ball in Hawaii and Japan so half of the summer I couldnt even call his cell. That was a real bummer. But after six months we finally hung out for a few days. Man they went too fast!! Feeding the duckies at Greenlake, cooking meals, watching some movies, hitting Gold's, trying to super-speedily catch up on life via convos. When I went to take him to the airport it ended up a tire on my car was flat. Jeff had to take a cab. SAAAAAAAAAAAD is how I felt when he pulled away. Major dose of the blues. Once I know what his plans are for next year, we can plan our next trip.

Overall, it was very good to take time off and be with lots of people. Today though, I am feeling super duper chill and will be hanging out solo. Every couple of weeks I get the isolation-bug and need a full day of quiet.

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