Aug 3, 2007

Food for Thought

I'm working from home today to save gas... and its Friday :). Watching TV on my lunch break a montage of a happy-family-in-the-kitchen scenes sashays across the screen. Ending tagline was:

"One pound, one pan, happy family. Hamburger Helper."

Gross for many reasons. First, from the pic below, I'm pretty sure people dont eat 1/5 of one box of "Helper" for din-din, as is listed as the serving size. Unhealthy at 400 kcals a 'serving.' Second... a pound of beef and a skillet equates to fun family times at dinner? Sucka, you better pull some organic Whole Foods or PCC eats out of any kind of pre-prepared package you serve me. *Ack*

*Disclaimer: I did work in the advertising field so I pay particular attention to persuasive logic equations relating product purchase to a specific positive emotion.

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