Aug 1, 2007

Can I just say...

I'm happy to have found these awesome girls to hang out with at work!
Working from home (poolside), celebrating Lauren's birthday at Matador, going to the Emigrant for $5 mug night on a random Tuesday... these are all reasons switching Microsoft is fun! Heidi was missing from these events :( but we'll drag her out yet!
My birthday is August 9th. I will be 23! I'm going out to a Seattle club, msg me to be added to 'the VIP list.'
Tomorrow I'm getting my hair 'did', more lighter highlights AND meeting up with Tiffa for dinner and finally seeing each other again! Then I have a movie night, bbq, Sunday brunch, Greenlake workout.... the list goes on, until August 16th! Every day. After work. Weekends too. Lol cant wait!!!

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