Aug 7, 2007

Two Days to Twenty-Three

Crazy to think Thursday is 2-3 for me. Work and trying to do lots of fun things after work has made time speed by at lightning speed. I was just able to send out details for my birthday parties (3 of them) last night. I celebrated my birthday with my family on Sunday down in Kent. We ordered Chinese takout from Golden Phoenix, and Tiffany has gotten me hooked on their veggie fried rice. Their S&S chicken was suprisingly tasty, with breading that wasnt the least bit soggy or oil-ladden. My parents got me a Bluetooth headset, so now I have both hands to 'focus on the freeway.' I guess eating, talking on the phone and messing with an iPod wasnt the safest equation for I-90 commuting. Lots of other fun gifts too....

Jeff is in town starting today, havent seen him in literally half a year. I am super excited to catch up and spend time together in Seattle. I've discovered so many fun restaurants and places since moving closer to Greenlake, cant wait to take him there!

Overall, I think I've changed for the better since my last birthday. 23 is going to be a fantastica year, I can already feel it.

Changes since last year:
..No longer at C+F
..Living in new house
..The Buick is even shabbier than last year
..Single status
..Better fitness knowledge/better workouts
..Not partying as much
..Trimmed down shopping excurrsions from weekly to bi-monthly
..Lighter hair
..Can get ready for work in 40 vs 65 mins.

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