Feb 15, 2008

Sitting on my bed Wednesday...

...working from home, out with the flu.
My phone buzzed on the bed next to me and I glanced down to the caller ID. It was a number I didn't know and my stomach jumped. I knew instinctively this was "the call." So I looked at the clock, 12:16 p.m. I took a deep breath and answered. The next two minutes were from my new manager, Shelli, telling me HR was currently assembling an offer for me.

I got the job w/ the Santa Monica OSG Team.

Applying for a full-time position with Microsoft in Southern California was my yearly goal that I mentioned in my 11/27/07 and 1/15/08 blogs. A three-month proceess that taught me more about persistence, preparation and myself. There are a large number of friends, mentors and family that helped me during this process and they rock so much!!

That call made my day, week, month. I now have the job I dreamed about, in a new city that promises sun and new growth experiences. My private life will also undergo changes; Jeremy and I will now be a face-to-face couple, the thousands of miles between will be no longer. Multiple educational, financial and travel opportunities are now within reach as well.

I feel so blessed.

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