Apr 7, 2008

Super Weekend

Ran about 4 miles around rural Kent at sunset. Mixed terrain of pavement, grass and gravel. Temp was high 40s. Minimal soreness the next day, runner's high to the max upon finishing the run.

Shopping spree... finally found a nice store that sells 00 Petite pants. No more unintentional sagging of dress pants/city shorts like I'm a thug or something ;P.
Came home and made roasted parmesean balsalmic cauliflower and grilled chicken breasts for parents for dinner.

Brunch w/ my C+F alums. Talked shop, caught up on gossip, figured out how to extract one of them from the abyss of the agency that's left. Eggs benedict was solid; lemony hollandaise sauce and none-too-greasy homefries. Met up with Tiff at the end of the day for coffee.. again more catching up and saw a heavy hail storm out the cafe window.

...And Monday started off @ our new Microsoft office in Downtown (Westlake/Lake Union area) this morning and a breeze of a drive. What more can I ask for :) ?

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