Jun 8, 2008

A Comparision Chart: Seattle vs. Hermosa Beach

One of my favorite things about my new apt is that it's 6 blocks from the Hermosa Beach Pier. Jeremy and I walk down there at night quite a bit. Being able to sit in the sand and watch the water ebb & flow is an amazing perk of living here. The consistently calming simplicity of the ocean makes me content. Our first day here, I unpacked my boxes and we walked to the beach and sat awhile. Having Jeremy here and face-to-face while we just sat under the sun was my version of the perfect Saturday. We also walked to the store and got groceries, which seems like a boring errand, but one I don't take for granted since I've been in LDRs of some sort for the last 3+ years. So little things like that repeatedly remind me how blessed I am to have the chance to build a new chapter of life in a new city. We came back to the pier later that night and had dinner w/friends at Paradise Sushi.

I've lived in Hermosa Beach, CA for a week now. I've observed a few distinct differences in the areas. In general, SoCal is more of a fit for me than Seattle. It's surprising to realize because Seattle is one of my favorite cities. Living here has made me happier and more focused on what I want to do and who I want to be. On a lighter note, here are some differences I've seen so far.

Seattle vs. Hermosa:
-I drove 70mph maximum on I-405 vs 80 mph here and still getting passed
-Seeing a plethora of Evergreen trees vs palm trees in SoCal
-Groceries from Safeway vs Von's
-Falling asleep w/ a blanket to stay warm vs sleeping w/ a breeze coming though the window
-Guessing the weather vs walking out the door everyday to at least 65 degrees
-Cheering on the worst MLB team in the league vs NBA Playoff participants
-Starbucks vs Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
-Clean, crisp air vs a bit of smog and haze above the city skyline
-Forever 21 vs H&M
-Mariners/Seahawks vs Padres/Chargers
-Talking to my bf on the phone vs walking to the beach together

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