Jul 2, 2008

A Day at the Ballpark

Sunday I went to my first WWU Alumni event. They hosted a Mariner's vs. Padres' pre-funk at Hennesey's Tavern in San Diego's Gaslamp district. The young alumni met up a little bit earlier, at 10:15. 10:15, a little early to start drinking? Maybe. So Megan and I started off with mimosas haha.

The game was great, it was my first time at the Padres' stadium and my team (the MARINERS) won! There were a few hecklers since we cheered everytime they drove in a few runs. The typical, "Go back to Seattle with your fish markets and rainnnn." I just laughed and thought, "look at the scoreboard, you're losing!"

We were seated right behind first base so the view was good. Diana and Megan and I hung out pretty much the whole time. It was fun to meet some new friends through our alumni network.

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berto xxx said...

yeah! thats awsome!! i like it!

berto xxx