Aug 17, 2008

Sanuk: Conscious Comfort, Sans Ugliness (Crocs)

Sometimes, on a sunny summer weekend, you need a shoe that is causal yet cute. And people, I am not talking about a clunky rubber foot sling with perforated holes. Ever heard of Sanuk brand? Six people comprise the company that crnaks out 135 different styles of sandals (
Sanuk is Thai for "happiness and balance." That sums up the feeling I had/the sandals' structure, after buying a pair from Spyder surfshop yesterday.

Company info/philosophy: "Barefoot untechnology" "It's a sandal not a shoe". Theses shoes pack a one-two punch, the lower construction of a sandal with a (patented) deconstructed shoe type of upper.

Picture: My Sidewalk Surfers are tan w/ silver thread interwoven throughout.

1 comment:

IronGambit said...

(crocs) makes a shoe very similar to that one called the Santa Cruz.
I like the Sanuks also :)