Oct 2, 2008

SATC...and then there was one

Now that I have watched Sex & the City: The Movie three times, I can safely say I adore the movie. The almost-cried-count stands at three. I literally couldn't hold back a gasp when Big opened the double doors of the remodeled closet, or when Steve told Miranda what he did. Burst out laughing after Charlotte felt the effects of drinking the water. Wondered why there were so few NY restaurant/bar scenes but so many Skyy vodka product placements. In total, the story was as much as the writers could fit in. It delivered closure and I was happy at the ending credits. Alas, the movie can only ever be a temporary fix to my Sex & the City addiction. One is never enough :).

  • Mr. Big's suit in the penthouse tour scene... Dark grey suit, forest green shirt, moss satin tie. Tres chic.
  • Carrie's laid back look in the Starbucks interview scene
  • Samantha's ring
  • The Judith Leiber cupcake purse Lily takes to the doomed wedding. Sure, its $4,395, but come on, look at it.
  • Didn't like: the frumpy dresses all four wear at their first dinner out in Mexico
Entertaining Quotes:

"She's a smart girl... but she fell in love"

Women come to New York for "the two L's: Labels & Love"

Miranda: "Alright, I'm Jealous. You live in real estate heaven.. and I live in Brooklyn"

Carrie: "I heard that!"
Anthony: "I meant you to!"

Carrie: We get it Samantha....you love to "color."
Miranda: Me and Steve are "just going through a no-coloring phase"

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