Sep 19, 2007

International Emails

Isn't life always so busy, busy, busy? Or so I think, until an unexpected bit of news floats into my inbox. My friend Kim in Gumi contacted my birth mom in Andong and emaied that she's been sick lately. Just like that my hectic schedule is compacted while I think how my scheudle and budget can accomodate a trip to Korea a.s.a.p. I believe the random statistics that we utilize unde 10 percent of our brain capacity just a bit more now, The capacity people have in their schedules is only bounded by what is perceived at that time. We think we have no more free time, available resources, space in our minds to think... until we are forced expand past what we thought was possible... most often by a mini-crisis. Mine is worrying that I wont get to meet my biological mom. This happens at the same time I'm celebrating a new car (a black 2008 Corolla S, thank you :] ) the higher payments that accompany it, my mom's birthday in October, and juggling the coordinating 'hang out" time with friends in different workplaces, cities, states and time zones. It all seemed sooooo consuming until the prospect of losing out on knowing a very important piece of my identity. I can't ever "find" the time to do things, but instead I have to "make" time for the things that matter.

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