Dec 20, 2007

I-90 Bridge is a death trap... or someone has a hit out on me

Three times in the last 15 hours I have almost been taken out on the freeway...
After work on I-90 the entire right side of my car was nearly sideswipped by an SUV that swerved halfway into my lane w/o warning; I had to steer hard into the HOV lane to avoid it and had no time to check my side mirror. I ended up cutting off a car in that lane hard but they braked in time.

Ten minutes later I was in the middle lane and a black Mercedes w/ a woman on a cell phone did the same thing.

On my way into the office, on the I-90 bridge around 6:30 this morning, the Volvo in front of me looked normal, pacing along in a straight line like cars are supposed too. Then a large piece of plastic flew back towards my car. Then I saw the entire hood fly up and cover the windshield. The driver proceeded to slam their brakes and, lucky me, I got to swerve again. So my solution is that I'm working from home tomorrow ;). No more of this craziness.

On the lighter side...
*I set a new 135lb. max on the squats (free weights, not Smith machine) yesterday. It was my fourth set, I did 8 reps, and had built up from 115lbs.
*Also upped my single-leg calf raise max to 10 reps at 150lbs.
*My trainer friend Travis said I'm little Hercules haha.

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