Nov 11, 2007

:: Above the Clouds ::

My vacation in California was amazing guys. The flight was a-ok and I was back home this afternoon. Already went to the gym, grocery shopped for the week and did some laundry. Soon I'll be going to bed so I can be up and pumped to do some solid Microsoft work. I can say that there are now multiple reasons I love Huntington Beach. My vacation made me happy and I want to remember every minute so I'm pretty much writing that below.

Arrived Thursday and hit up Holllywood. Got a bit lost but managed to get back to the apt. The clock said quarter-till-big-muscles, so we all hit up the gym. While there, Bobby did the sweetest 360 kick ever. His glasses might not agree b/c they ended up at the bottom of the stairs, but Jeremy and I were freakin rolling. I also did my first 30 unassisted dips so that was hot. We headed out, got fresh & clean then went to dinner and visited Bobby.

Friday morning we cruised down PCH to Huntington Beach. Saw the funniest "farmers market" and took pics on the pier. Needed a caffeine fix at S*bux, then hit up Fred's for some Mexican for lunch. After that, J and B experienced the dirty griminess that is Walmart, as we searched for some DVDs. Laughed at Clerks 2, "Ooh... cake." Hahha. Later we checked out Ebisu for dinner which I freakin loved. Electric green melon soda and oyako donburi had me in heaven :). The super fun part of Friday night was going to Gaslamp for 80s night. I have never been a fan of that decade's musical offerings. But it was awesome. I did get Bobby into a little trouble when I exchanged texts with one of the girls he is talking with. My justification is she is being stupid and needs to "sh*t or get off the pot". Date him or let somebody else have a chance yo. Somebody who actually realizes he's a "catch." Anywho... a few drinks, lots of singing, even more taking pics of the guys posing and suddenly it was midnight. Probably the best night of the whole trip*!

Shopped my damn heart out at H&M on Sunday. The mall we went to (South something or other) was near University of Redlands and was ginormous and filled with the highend brands/designers I love (Carolina Herrera next to Marni... are you serious?!?) More fun with J and his roomies. A slight forray into "eh?" when I crunched into a piece of charcoal in my salad during lunch at Claim Jumpers... but that was quickly remedied with a comped lunch. Then on the way home... Bobby was a speed racer and, feat of all feats, managed to do a 180 on the 405 onramp, coming to a stop about a foot away (broadside) from the wall. We saw them as we got on...looking at them face to face lol. Back to the casa for a wardrobe change then we met his parents, sister/her bf and cousin for dinner. Had carne asada for the first time. Saw his dad's friend rock out some Jimmy Buffet and a cool version of "Brown Eyed Girl." It was so fun seeing his parents b/c hadnt seen them since high school. Super friendly and fun to hangout/talk with, like always! Headed home w/ the sis and her bf and watched another movie.

Woke up this morning and just got ready & headed to John Wayne since I had to be there at 9 a.m. So many things about this trip make me smile. It was a bummer to go. J and I definitely wanted more time together. But it feels like the start, so I'm not too sad :).

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