Nov 27, 2007

Yearly Goal

Every year I do something that scares me.

2004 - Compete in the Miss Kent Scholarship Pageant
2005 - Run for ASWWU President
2006 - Initiate the search to find my biological mom in Korea
2007 - Leave full time job to contract at Microsoft
2008 - ???

"A diamond don't define what shine is
I don't need a Rolex to know what the time is
You got yours let me find what mine is
I'm a survivor look how strong my mind is
I stand on my own it's all me
Regardless of whatever they call me
I'm a leader not a follower
And I'd rather be paid and popular
Ride homie get your dollars up
We're in the belly of the beast that already swallowed us"
-Afraid, Nelly Furtado

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