Nov 9, 2008

Our Anniversary Dinner @ Nobu L.A.

We picked Nobu for our 1-year anniversary dinner Friday night. The omakase is my go-to. Never fails to disappoint. We started with the cold dishes, transitioned to warm dishes, had soup and then dessert. Innovative, fresh, near-perfection portioning.

Three fresh oysters with maui salsa, mango salsa, and avocado puree w/ caviar. Mountain 'momo' (peach) finishes out the first course as a palate cleanser.

King mackarel sashimi with ponzu, cilantro, radish and jalapeno

Sashimi salad with white fish, toro, radish and sprouts

Lobster with brussel sprouts, mushrooms and ponzu butter reduction

Tazmanian salmon with hijiki seaweed and slivered apple

Miso soup with mushroom and clams

Kamameshi: Vanilla risotto w/ mochi pearls, soba popcorn and Okinawa yam ice cream

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